Risk Management

Importance of Risk Management

In the Indian Real Estate, which is still in its infancy, there is need for the risks to be identified, quantified and managed appropriately. It is important for NRIs investing their money, who are a world away from their investment to choose a service provider who can help manage their risk and communicate such changes to them.

Concept Tree - Risk Management

Concept Tree Risk Management strategies can show you how seasoned investors effectively manage risk to protect the value they have built. Concept Tree has developed sophisticated risk management processes for both NRI and local customers. To give you an example of our risk management strategies when selecting individual builders, Concept Tree assesses the experience of individual builders, their management, quality and diversity of the property portfolio to judge their business strength. Our risk management practices are solidly underpinned by extensive "local" knowledge and in-depth industry experience.

Areas of Risk evaluation

  1. Market Risk encompassing both macro and micro factors.
  2. Project risk evaluation
  3. Builder’s quality assurance
  4. Investment strategy
  5. Individual financial Assessment
How can this help a NRI or a local customer?
  1. Concept Tree can help you choose the right location to invest in Indian property sector.
  2. We can help you select a builder with best credit ratings, strong financial background and significant property market experience.
  3. We can help you get the detailed clearance reports and banks views on a selected project.
  4. We can use the past performance of the builder to help you envisage the future returns.
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