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Working at Concept Tree

Concept Tree is a dynamic and evolving organization where no idea is too small and no suggestion goes unnoticed. We are aiming to set the industry benchmark in the field of real estate professionalism and for this reason a lot of effort goes into bringing on board the right professionals.

Our people are the executioners of our business strategy and it is imperative for us to equip them with right tools and resources to do their job. It's the people at Concept Tree that makes it a world-class organization.

Training and Development

We have the most sophisticated and on the job training techniques that are designed to bring our staff in pace with the business in no time. Our objective it to keep our staff up to date with the market trends and knowledge and this is why training in concept Tree is an ongoing process. We are also committed to knowledge sharing to cross skill our staff.

Our recruitment Process

Our recruitment process has been developed to ensure we understand your career goals and aspirations and to unearth how you best fit into Concept Tree.

What we look for

We hire exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and drive to achieve success for themselves and the organization.

Real Estate Knowledge

If you have experience in real estate and are looking for challenges and better tools to take your career to the next level then get in touch with us.

Sales and Marketing

If you believe in what you sell and have a creative outlook to sales and marketing then get in touch with us.

Relationship Management

If you understand the strength of maintaining great relations with the customers and are good at it then get in touch with us.

Strong Community Networks

If you are someone with good social network and would like to deliver investment benefits to your network of clients while fostering your career then get in touch with us

Finance Background

If you are someone working in the finance industry and have a serious client base to tap in then get in touch with us.

Career Path

We are about delivering value to our employees and we do this by presenting them with a career opportunity at Concept Tree rather than a job. Providing new challenges and helping our employees develop the acumen to achieve results is how we help our employees accomplish success for themselves. We like our employees to be well rewarded for their efforts and this is why we have an excellent reward and recognition program in place. For knowing more about how to get a career started at Concept Tree, please mail us your detailed resume at

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